The world is facing an unprecedented challenge with the growing COVID-19 pandemic. Communities around the globe are in dire need of immediate support, and more funding will be required as the outbreak continues to evolve.


I am organizing a fundraiser in support of the World Health Organization (WHO) and their COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund


As an artist, I feel compelled to use my art in a way that contributes to the current climate in a positive way.


As an Italian living abroad, it is my duty to honour my home country and all countries which will inevitably suffer through this crisis. 



This initiative will raise money through the donation of an entire collection of 100 original drawings entitled, Fritto Mediterraneo.

This collection was exhibited in my hometown of Pescara, Italy in 2018 and has since then led to many opportunities across Europe and North America.


The goal is to reach $5000 CAD to support the efforts of the World Health Organization and their COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Drawings can be acquired for a minimum of $55 CAD each(plus shipping fees) and proceeds will be donated. Donations will be processed through Pay Pal, and your generosity will be forwarded to the World Health Organization. A donation receipt, and certificate of authenticity will be sent to you. Please see below for the procedure. 





Fritto Mediterraneo is derived from the iconic dish 'Fritto Misto' or 'Calamari Fritti' referring to an ensemble of seafood. It is a collection of 100 drawings, distinctive yet complimenting one another, just like the beloved dish. It is a series that captures a journey to reconnect with my roots, rich of the timeless beauty, traditions, and exotic flavours of Mediterranean cities through meticulous line work.



Feel free to view the collection by clicking on the link below.

When you see an illustration you like, email me the corresponding number of the artwork(s) and the donation amount you would like to process.

($55 minimum donation, per illustration, plus shipping fee)


Follow me on IG @fabriziosclocco.

I will be posting numbered drawings on my IG feed and stories everyday, depiciting different European cities as interpreted through my eyes.

When you see an illustration you like, DM me the corresponding number of the artwork(s) and the donation amount you would like to process.

($55 minimum donation, per illustration,plus shipping fee)


Donations will be accepted through e-transfers (for Canada only) or Pay Pal (abroad), simply at

Here is a breakdown of your donation (minimum of $55 CAD):


  • $5 will help me cover material costs 

  • Remainder of donation will go towards the World Health Organization 


+ $15 shipping fee  (Toronto residents may qualify for free scheduled delivery)

Given the current situation, please note that there may be up to 3 weeks delay processing orders and shipping. 

frame 2.jpg


(minimum per drawing)


  • Original artwork (no prints)

  • Ferrario Ink + Pastel

  • Fabriano Watercolour Paper 300gr

  • 9 x 12 inches

  • 23 x 30 cm

  • Certificate of Authenticity

  • Confirmation of Donation 

  • Donation Receipt (Canada only)

These illustrations fit comfortably in any 9 x12 inches standard frames, or be creative and use bulldog clips hung on push pins!

Thank you for your contribution to the global community, and for continuing to support and acknowledge the importance of art during challenging times.


If you would like to know more about the World Health Organization (WHO), or would prefer to make a direct donation, please click here